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We are here to add meaningful stories to your life - stories to inspire, entertain and connect - stories to enrich your life experience.

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Open Mics

An experience as rich and varied as the people participating, you'll find comics, songwriters, poets, authors, and all kinds of performers at our open mics. Have a story to share?  Send us an email to spinningtalescollective@gmail.com to snag your slot!


From fairy tales to horror, romance to fantasy, historical to mysterious, our performances are designed to draw you into a world you wouldn't normally experience!  The world you enter may tickle your funny bone, make you cry, or think, but we guarantee it will be memorable!

Special Events

Join us for one of our special events! We create one of a kind experiences for our clients, and except for private events, the public is always welcome.  Ask us how we can make your special event dreams come true!

Meet the Collective

Tamara Kist
Storyteller, Author, Poet

Jim Sullivan
Vocalist, Voice-over Artist, Designer

Margie Dziadzka
Singer/Songwriter and Musician
Terry Breen
Composer, Songinarian, Novelist

T.R. Frye
Singer/Songwriter, Playwright

Denise Devereux Peters
Artist, Calligrapher, Painter
Glen Murschel
Guitarist and Singer/Songwriter

Jil Robinson
Performer, Storyteller, Director

Kristin Casner
Stage Mgr, Director, Playwright

What People Are Saying...

Jackson (Tamara Kist) elevates that moment ... to make sure there is nary a dry eye in the house (and there isn't) to something beautiful of itself.

Mary Turner, Theater Critic

The piece (Tarahumara and Other Lost Races) is as passionate as it is earnest, and succeeds in making vivid and memorable theater.

Rick Moser, Theater Critic

Spinning Tales Collective is a group of artists who believe in raising the global vibe one story, song or painting at a time.